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Expressionist paintings by Lisa Solberg

If you are chosen for the path of an ‘expressionist’ and/or ‘abstract expressionist’ painter: first of all, you accept that painting the intangible, aka ‘nothing’, is a lot of the times harder than painting the ‘something’. Know the challenge. Secondly, painting from only a real and honest place within yourself can be extremely exhausting and at the same time intoxicating; or, sometimes you’ll just need to get intoxicated. Give yourself a break!

Next, you accept the fact that most people will simplify your work as a.) floral , b.) phallic or c.) both floral and phallic. You know that you will consistently be questioned on your technical ability. The only way to combat this is by being technically savvy- so to say, become an expert in drawing and make these available to the public. This will help your paintings anyway.

If you find yourself trying to discover your INTENT and can’t find it, give yourself an excuse to keep painting and tell yourself something along the lines of: I paint with a lack of intention and therefore I can truly paint altruistically and honestly in the moment, my tool is my own realm of experiences. Accept the physical.

Lastly, you know that you will get sick of painting ‘nothing’ and eventually you’ll want to do something else.
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