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Peter Greenaway: The Tulse Luper VJ Performance

Filmmaker Peter Greenaway, who is best known for his controversial and visually lavish films, was recently a guest of Santiago a Mil Arts Festival in Chile. As part of the program, Greenaway presented a 90 minute live cinema experience on four screens, which was a mix of magnificent visual and aural chaos.

Greenaway was located on a small stage in the centre of a park opposite the Chile Government House, where he mixed and cut up his own evocative images with stock footage inspired by the life of the Welsh writer and perennial prisoner, Tulse Luper, who archived his entire life in 92 suitcases. Before the screening, Greenaway talked about his criticism of how cinema has not developed from its original platform and how it does not satisfy the imagination of the new iPad and laptop interactive generation. The films then began and on cue and a pack of street dogs howled and ran through the crowd throughout the performance, much like a scene out of one of Greenaway’s films, The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover.