Five Production Company Logos in 3D

Five Production Company Logos in 3D sees Emile Zile standing around looking slightly bored in jeans and a hoodie in an empty space that could be an office-style set of ceiling fluoros. His own CGI studio. Incongruously, we hear a descending wall of sound mimicking perfectly the impressive zooms and sweeps of corporate and cinema company promos.

From hip height, we watch Ziles give us the accompanying 3D Graphics as his hands approach, recede, make clunky little chops in the air, respond to 60-Minutes-like ticking and cinema like aural morphings, and cut to the monumental ending, where Zile simply clicks his fingers. These gestures are both ridiculous and ordinary.

Five Production Company Logos In 3D presents an imaginary ‘real man’ behind these grandiose charades born of self-important declaration, where his hysterical hand movements replicate the gleaming chromed excessive overload of those corporate logos.