The Art of Pho: a new interactive motion comic

It’s a pity technology has yet to allow us to transcend the scent and taste barriers over the web. A brand new interactive motion comic has just hit the web and it’s a super delectable, quirky initiative, based on the debut graphic novel by British illustrator, Julian Hanshaw.

The Art of Pho is a serial consisting of eight episodes lasting two and half minutes each, and is an interactive adventure that is subtle and lyrical. A cutie pie creature called Little Blue floats along through Ho Chi Minh City selling Pho, Vietnam’s ubiquitous hybrid noodle-soup dish.

Just like the marvelous meaty dish, this project has a huge depth of flavour, weaving themes like self-discovery, love, travel, identity and friendship into the story broth with fun interactive accents that make you part of the story.