Featured Image for Upstate: shibuori-inspired womenswear

Upstate: shibuori-inspired womenswear

Fashion designers Kalen Kaminiski and Astrid Chastka are making some gorgeous, shibuori-inspired womenswear and accessories. Astrid and Kalen custom dye each of their pieces, embracing the ‘mistake’ as a ‘happy accident’. That’s a very in-the-moment way to create, and I bow down to them.

My friend Kalen, self-described as the ‘horse girl’ in her adolescence, says they are most excited about their transition into apparel from accessories applying their arashi or itajime shibori techniques. For those of you unaware, the arashi technique involves strategic folding, whereas itajime relies on ‘resists’. Everything is hand dyed and one of a kind.