Featured Image for Win a trip to New York from the Doss Blockos gang

Win a trip to New York from the Doss Blockos gang

Our crew at Doss Blockos Pale Lager were tipped off about an abandoned brewery three levels beneath the streets of New York. Vids from a lifetime squatter and tunnel dweller have given us hope that we can find it by following coded signs from the Mole People that live in the tunnels.

East Ninth Brewing are running a competition to find the final member of our team to head to New York. We are after an adventurer who can bring an invaluable skill to the rest of the team, which includes our tunnel-dwelling guide, a doco crew, the original Doss Blockos gang from Melbourne and some local protection.

Nothing in the discarded subway system is easy to find, not even an entire brewery, and this is likely to be a once in a lifetime experience for any traveller, documentary maker, journalist or beer drinking NYC enthusiast who is prepared to brave the unknown tunnels with us in search for the brewery lost beneath New York City.

Enter our competition by writing down your unique skills on the back of a Doss Blockos brown bag – which your beer comes in. Take a photo and email it to me@beneathnyc.com or post the original to East Ninth Brewing 20 Chatham St Prahran by February 27th 2012.