Featured Image for Olive Branch: a new boutique olive oil brand

Olive Branch: a new boutique olive oil brand

Spanakopita, tomato and feta salad, grape leaves. The Greek tradition has given the world a plethora of beautifully simple eats. But no amount of feta could compete with the ultimate gift from the Greek gods: Olive oil. The sun soaked Mediterranean hills mean that Greece has a natural talent for producing some of the world’s finest olive oils.

And thanks to Olive Branch — a new boutique olive oil brand — even if you’re under the gray clouds of England, you can bring the warm sun of Crete into your kitchen. Founded by a Cretan native, this budding company is turning out a gorgeous, nutty olive oil with low acidity and rich flavor. All of Olive Branch’s olives are naturally grown and hand-picked by local cooperatives in Crete before making their way to England. Between the packaging and taste, in no time you’ll be dousing it on everything from pastas to soups to, yes, feta.