Featured Image for The Record Exchange in Boise, Idaho

The Record Exchange in Boise, Idaho

We recently made a stop in Boise on our US tour to play an in-store on a Monday evening on a night we didn’t have a show. Didn’t know what to expect, but what we found was a treasure. The Record Exchange has been there for 30 years. The staff was so kind, the record and movie selection was vast, and they had a coffee bar.
After we played our set in a nice little performance space to a nice sized crowd, they had a Tom Waits listening party for his new record that came out that day. It made me want to take my head out of digital music buying and spend more time in local indie record stores. There’s no place like them. I met a guy who has shopped and hung out at Record Exchange for 30 years and said he’d move if it ever closed.