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New photography by Alva Bernadine

Try to click the picture of an axe man reflected in a woman’s sunglasses on the first page of my website and the picture breaks up and parts revealing the legend: I am a One Man Subculture. The website, which I designed to complement my work, takes you on a labyrinthine tour of my photography. You have to navigate your way past and through surprising interactive javascript animations that are artworks in their own right for the pictures to be revealed.

My work combines elements of surrealism and erotic photography with humour. These photographs — be they in colour or in black and white – are hopefully astounding, provocative and compelling. I take the theatricality of surrealism, the elegance of classical haute couture photography, the narrative of reportage and the refinements of advertising photography and mix them all into a ‘Bernadinian cocktail’: a radical photographic synthesis.
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