Doravideo: KO sounds Podcast vol.24

I saw this guy at a random art/music night at Super Deluxe in Ropongi and it made me feel great about getting older as a performer. This guy does for Tezuka what Coppola did for Martin Sheen’s semen in Apocalypse Now. Turns out Ichiraku Yoshimitsu is a respected jazz, fusion, rock drummer, percussionist, avant garde noise, visual terrorist whose work I had already heard on a number of Boredoms offshoot project, Omoide Hatoba’s records, over a decade ago.

Apparently he was a quiet country boy born in the late 50s growing up and honing his craft miles away from big city sophistication in the Yamaguchi prefecture. And you get that sense about him from his humble, post-show demeanour, even though while watching his work, you feel like you’re being re-educated Little Alex style. No eye-clamping necessary. I’d never smiled so much watching ads and political misdemeanour news items and classic anime all mashed up over post-digital-hardcore metal. It just made sense.