Japanese girl band Trippple Nippples

After some months of drooling over the MySpace profile pics of these stunning humans slathered in tar, feathers, noodles, paper and polka dots, I finally got to see them up close and personal in the basement of an old hospital abandoned and virtually untouched, complete with freaky Kraftwerk-esque bakelite medical equipment from the early 80s.

Yuka leads the trio of Japanese girls driving their vocals chords like military hummers from uber cutsie hyper-pop squeals to belted political sloganeering (possibly informed by her politician brother’s unusually animated caucus meetings) over tribal punk electronica/speed mangle. All this adorned in acid fashion excursions, carefully designed and constructed from household items, food, and fast drying paint by Qrea (pronounced Qrea), one of the other very sweet, oddly mild mannered Nippples.