Featured Image for Saucy Ceramics by Dirty Dishes

Saucy Ceramics by Dirty Dishes

Sometime in 2010, the folks behind Dirty Dishes had the slightly silly idea of using cheeky vintage photos and putting them on dinner plates. After doing lots of research, talking to lots of people, and receiving loads of positive feedback, they wondered if this idea was so silly after all. And thus Dirty Dishes was born.

The dinner plates are 10″ porcelain coupe plates and the images used on them have never been used for anything like this before. The plates are made on a limited run and there will be more designs to come in the future. Although we’re pretty thrilled with those currently available now — Belinda relaxing at the banquette, the young love of Mel and Steve in the summerhouse, and the classic workout that only the best of gyms can provide for Selina — according to our friends at Dirty Dishes, there are many more gems still to come. The dishes are available for sale individually and as a set of six in the Lost At E Minor Store