Featured Image for Klapsons Hotel Singapore: sci-fi geek chic

Klapsons Hotel Singapore: sci-fi geek chic

In 2010, I decided to seek refuge at a boutique hotel located in a nondescript office building. Good move: I was slapped by a scene straight out of Stanley Kubrick’s seminal film 2001: A Space Odyssey. There it was, a gigantic metallic dome structure in the hotel lobby. In it was the reception desk.

Even the most tight-lipped Stephen Hawking fan would get quite talkative here: thanks to the dome acoustics, you can’t not sound like him. Board a room, and you’ll find the interiors aren’t too shabby either: look out for exhibitionist-friendly full-length mirrors and open-cube rain showers with colour-changing LED lights. Klapsons is designed by William Sawaya of Sawaya & Moroni.
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