Featured Image for SNAP! Magazine’s 15th issue

SNAP! Magazine’s 15th issue

For SNAP! Magazine’s 15th issue, contributors were given the opportunity to explore the idea of Embellishment. An endlessly broad subject, the issue looks at everything from accessories and adornments like tattoos and jewelry, to embellishment in painting, photo and sculpture, to manipulation of the intangible, like memory.

Highlights include a feature on nine emerging artists from Canada and beyond who are investigating embellishment in their method and motif, among them New York based painter, illustrator and photographer Andrea Mary Marshall. As always the photo contributions are exceptionally strong, with submissions by Maxyme G. Delisle, Mathieu Fortin, Raphael Ouellet, Karin Demeyer and Sandrine Castellan, along with new bloods Etienne Saint-Denis, Vinna Laudico and Tobin Belanger.

Essays include a discussion of nudity and art from SNAP! editor Shayl Prisk (fitting for this issue, replete with nude forms throughout) and an interview with internationally renowned purveyor of designer vintage eye-wear Corey Shapiro.
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