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Homebake 2011

Having been to many a festival in the past, but never a Homebake, I was excited about my first time experience, and to say I was impressed would be an understatement. What a fabulously different festival experience!

Such a wide variety of ages: from your classic old rockers (there to see Grinderman and Icehouse), to your hipsters (also there to see Grinderman and Icehouse, but with some Architecture and Helsinki and Pnau thrown in for good measure), to everyone in between. Personal favourites of the day were Illy (especially It Can Wait, featuring Owl Eyes), Drapht (particularly the collaboration with 360 and 1200 technics wowza!), Icehouse, and who doesn’t love a bit of Triple J artist of the year, Goyte, with some Kimbra. Homebake is exactly what it claims to be — a day dedicated to remarkable Australian and New Zealand music.
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