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Art As A Weapon documentary

Art As A Weapon is a documentary about the intersection between street art, Buddhism and the struggle for democracy, using the closed country of Burma as a case study. The film will weave together three different experiences of people using creativity for social change into a single story about how art can confront oppression through non-violent resistance.

The film will give the audience a peek into the lives of Burmese school children learning how to use spray paint, Buddhist monks who write poetry, and street artist Shepard Fairey creating a three story mural in support of Burma. All connected by the core idea that art is a weapon for peace. Our goal is to raise $30,000 in 60 days to complete the film. Using Kickstarter, you can pre-order the DVD, watch the trailer, learn more about the film and become a collaborator by backing this project. The fundraising campaign will end on December 9.