Woodford Folk Festival 2011

I’ve been to Woodford before. That’s why I’m going again this year. It’s a music and fringe festival all in one, with only one ticket. Well, there are day or season passes, but the idea is that one ticket gets you access to everything. So no messy ticket decisions. With over 400 acts from December 27 to January 1st.

So what to expect? Musical acts include Gotye, Xavier Rudd, Eagle and the Worm, Jordie Lane, Husky (video above), a heap of international acts, as well as many others.

There’s also Burlesque, a green debate titled, “The Plutocrats Now Run The Country,” as well as comedians, folk musicians, workshops, and a host of insightful lectures.

Also included is The Dreaming festival, which involves the planets’ oldest cultures sharing their timeless traditions and contemporary performing arts, all at The Dreaming’s dedicated venue, BlakDramatics. The Dreaming Gallery will then be offering workshops and exhibitions, while The Dingo Café hosts discussions and the Village Green dance performances.

The theme this year is Pieces of the Puzzle. Festival Director Bill Hauritz said: ‘Our beautiful planet is in need of some nurture and, like the festival, our people are the custodians If everyone can bring their little piece of the puzzle, the collective contribution would be special. It’s sort of like saving the world, one fantastic party at a time’.

You don’t even have to be a hippy to enjoy it. Promise.