Featured Image for Collaboration between Lillian Darmono and Mungo Horey

Collaboration between Lillian Darmono and Mungo Horey

My entire professional life has been about creating designs that belong strictly in the digital realm. So after eight years, I decided to join my fellow designers and artists in creating physical products that I can touch, feel, and share with others in a much more immediate way.

Whilst creating ads for credit cards or cosmetics is fun, it doesn’t provide enough nourishment for the soul. So with my partner Mungo Horey, we decided to go all in: picking a name, launching a site, printing T-shirts, bags, cards, and prints, and taking part in the art markets scene in our beautiful town of Melbourne. It is terrifying, exciting, risky, but we hope we won’t be entirely discouraged by the end of the Christmas season. Fingers crossed! (We will be at Rose Street Market in Melbourne on December 4th, January 28th and 29th from 10am-4pm).