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Chozen Ice Cream

As a nationally recognized voice in the style space, I live a fairly glamorous life. So when I heard my apartment bell ring the other day — quelle surprise! — it was a hand delivered pint of Chozen Ice Cream, to whom it’s handler had the unfortunate experience of finding me in my most bewitching ensemble to date: my robe. At 3pm in the afternoon. Very glamorous.

I had been anticipating its arrival and since I’ve been living milk, cheese, and butter-free for close to four months now, I wasn’t sure how I’d react to its sitting on my kitchen counter. The packaging is cute and further tempted my interest. Using the traditionally Jewish blue and white colors, the pint reads what it means to be Chozen: that is, kosher, all-natural, ultra-premium ice cream inspired by Jewish holidays and traditional desserts, like Matzoh Crunch, Rugulech and Chocolate Babka. I was handed their latest Espresso flavor, aptly titled “Coffee Talk.”

I couldn’t resist. I ripped open the lid and nibbled a spoonful. Then another. And then some more. I don’t know if it was that I’ve been off dairy for a while, or if the product is THAT good, but I can deem it one of the creamiest, dreamiest ice creams I’ve tasted to date. Buttery, delicious, with the espresso flavor perfectly pronounced. To further prove its deliciousness, my lactose-intolerant boyfriend schlepped home from work to finish off the whole pint in one sitting. Now, that’s what I call chutzpah.