Featured Image for Ramen, French Toast and Tortilla flavored chocolates

Ramen, French Toast and Tortilla flavored chocolates

More than a year ago, we asked all of you readers out there to muster your courage and take a step outside your chocolate comfort zone. Remember how much fun that was? Well, now we’re here to suggest you do it again. That’s because the imaginative folks over at Komforte Chokolate in Southern California have dreamed up two new types of delicious, boundary-pushing flavors of chocolate – and both varieties knocked our socks off.

First up, there’s the new apple pie and graham flavor, a sweet and smooth rendition of that classic, all-American dessert. Just imagine your grandmother’s version of apple pie, all dressed up in a charming milk chocolate disguise. Feeling even more adventurous? Go for the savory ramen flavor. This dark chocolate bar comes studded with chunks of ramen noodles and tinged with the unmistakable flavors of soy sauce, onion, and garlic. It’s an adventurous combination and, believe it or not, it works beautifully.