Featured Image for MDVANII: incredible porcelain art dolls by BillyBoy

MDVANII: incredible porcelain art dolls by BillyBoy

What do you get when you cross a reclusive former Warhol superstar with a penchant for extravagant couture with something as iconic as a Barbie Doll? You get MDVANII. Make NO mistake about it, the Art Dolls that BillyBoy* creates are not to be referred to as Barbies. Barbie could only ever dream of taking on the many sultry forms that MDVANII has assumed over the years.

Each magnificent porcelain figure is painstakingly created by BillyBoy* in lavish detail and they are all worthy of placement in a museum. Dressed in embroidered crepes and diaphanous organzas and accessorized with gold and crystals, the couture worn by these confections would be the envy of many women. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if these creatures could speak. Certainly their myriad exotic incarnations speak volumes.
Billy Boy doll (2)
Billy Boy doll (3)