Featured Image for Casanova: Avaritia by Matt Fraction and Gabriel Ba

Casanova: Avaritia by Matt Fraction and Gabriel Ba

The difficult love/hate relationship shared by super-spy Casanova Quinn and his soon-to-be arch enemy Luther Desmond Diamond mirrors my own relationship with this, the third volume of Matt Fraction’s mind-bending creator owned series. This book is devastatingly good, the kind of thing that makes you want to throw your arms in the air and walk away from trying forever.

Labyrinthine and cosmic in scope, while at the same time incredibly, impossibly personal. This comic deals with issues of fate, family and obligation (specifically the obligation of an artist to his art) while tearing down the tropes of the genre and cramming in more Bowie references than you can count. And that’s without even mentioning the art, which is so perfect for this book, it literally hurts.