Featured Image for Purevile: handmade jewelry made from curiosities

Purevile: handmade jewelry made from curiosities

To say that Purevile is a jewellery maker is a gross underestimation. He is a purveyor of handmade goods that are meticulously pieced together from his magpie’s nest collection of curiosities. He is ultimately a curator and creator. Even his living space is a museum of the macabre. He’s not kidding when he says: ‘The revolution will be accessorized’.

Every piece that Purevile creates is informed by his fascination with antiques and heirlooms and they all have a special story behind them. He gathers materials by combing through flea markets for fragments of jewellery and memorabilia and searches eBay for skulls and fossils, which are then resurrected as wearable works of art. Just don’t ever refer to him or his work as ‘Steam Punk’. Let’s just say that the last person who did is now featured, in parts, in an elaborate choker.
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