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Head Hoods

For my money (some day, when I have some), you can’t get a cooler hoodie than you’ll find at Head Hoods. I first stumbled across their work when I was out photographing street art in the East Village.

I kept seeing these great pasters, which I naturally stopped and photographed and shared online, which led to my being contacted by the guys at Head Hoods, who introduced themselves as the masterminds of these great prints and the owners of this home grown company. Based in Brooklyn, they produce an engaging line of prints: from celeb heads, such as Marilyn Monroe and Johnny Cash, to toys, such as sock monkeys and lego heads.

They’ve also done some great mash-ups of their prints, such as those I came across in the East Village. So cover your head in style and know that you’re also helping out some great guys who are out there doing what they love.