Featured Image for Cinemetal t shirts from the IFC Center in Manhattan

Cinemetal t shirts from the IFC Center in Manhattan

I grew up making t-shirts to promote my bands, and then later, to promote my films. I always liked referencing a design that had, at first glance, no connection to what I was promoting (music or film), like an extinct fast food chain or obsolete computer company or Mexican vacation resort.

The only thing the design shared was the broad sense of escapism and/or entertainment. So I have an affinity for these shirts, especially because they use an ‘umbrella pun’, which covers the scope of whatever metaphors the t-shirts offer. True to the spirit of creativity, these t-shirts illustrate the cross pollination of ideas, and perhaps the only thing heavy metal and the filmmakers have in common is the rebellious spirit. My favorite is the Herzog. You can only get them at the IFC Center in Manhattan, nowhere else. Or the IFC Center website.