Featured Image for Matt Huynh illustrates the Signs of Occupy Wall St

Matt Huynh illustrates the Signs of Occupy Wall St

I visited the Occupy Wall Street protesters yesterday at Liberty Plaza Park and drew every placard I could find on display. Here are the results: high resolution A2 posters for free use. Just download and print in black and white variants.

I’ve been fascinated with the Occupy Wall Street protests as they started upon my arrival in New York. So I was able to witness the graffiti advertising and the movement around the subway carriages and its progress over the weeks up until the marches with the Unions.

However, as a visitor, I’ve felt quite distanced from it. So I went down today to talk to some of the protesters and see for myself what was going on. It’s a strange part of town to be giving talks as people rush back and forth on the street and I wondered how much of what they were trying to communicate reached people. These placards are their own headlines and often they’re just as ambiguous, funny and deliberately provocative. Hopefully this collage gives some sense of the atmosphere and the intentions on Wall Street at a single moment in time.
Matt Huynh Occupy Wall St poster art (2)