Featured Image for Canada’s SNAP! Magazine goes national

Canada’s SNAP! Magazine goes national

A free quarterly art fashion and culture publication now in its fourth year, SNAP! Magazine started out as a kind of cult object in the city where we live, Montreal. This fall we launched our 14th issue and with it marked a whole new phase in our business. We’ve taken our magazine nationwide and dramatically increased our distribution.

Although SNAP! Magazine is produced by a core team of just three, each issue we collaborate with a wide range of some of the best creative talent across the country. This issue we got to work with Caroline Mauxion, Karin Demeyer, John Londono, Clara Palardy, Jean Malek and many more, and used our ‘Double D’s’ theme to have a bit of fun.

Exploring everything from Doris Day to David Duchovny to Dirty Dancing and Donnie Darko, the issue is now all across Canada and we are getting so much great feedback.

For those who haven’t yet seen a copy, we also feature each issue online and work really hard to make a website that delivers smart, fresh and diverse content for our web audience. We are in the process of launching a newsletter for our growing network of fans, and to find new ways to promote the new talent we discover every day through our magazine.

Die-hard magazine fans, we are also super excited to explore all the possibilities the web offers for creative expression, entertainment and generating new ideas. Ambitious? You bet!
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