Featured Image for Deciphering Static: the new single from Boy + Kite

Deciphering Static: the new single from Boy + Kite

Deciphering Static is a song that lyrically found its way through one session of writing. It’s about one’s persistence, moving forward and being set back, remaining focused on goals despite obstacles and the disillusions in life vs. the reality of how things really are. Example: ‘Well undivided the concrete and your shoes, so let it go watch it fall apart, be amused’.

The song’s chorus summarizes how people talk a big talk but say nothing at all, talk becomes babble and words becoming like a repetitious pattern resembling wall paper vs anything meaningful. This line references my own critique of painting in art vs. how a lot of artist create art that is simply pattern, repetitious or wall paper. The chorus also hits on the idea of being in the moment and keeping a positive perspective, to find a smile, dance and let it go, while watching it all fall apart. There are a lot of play on words in this song. Actually, too many to mention.