Featured Image for Brooklyn Pizza Heaven: Giusseppina’s and Toby’s

Brooklyn Pizza Heaven: Giusseppina’s and Toby’s

A lot of of my friends think I never want to leave my ‘hood. They might be right. Giving me even more incentive to stay planted in South Park Slope are two amazing pizzerias, both equipped with brick wood-burning ovens.

These two spaces sit caddy corner on 6th Avenue between 20-21st Streets and offer incredibly different atmospheres and takes on the pizza pie. Toby’s has a ton of amazing pizza options, homemade beef jerky at the bar, an English pub feel, cheap Toby’s beer, and occasionally Metallica blaring in the background while soccer games and foot ball play on two large screens.

On a more subdued, romantic note, Giusseppina’s sits across the street. Pizza and Calzones are all that this Lucali-affiliated restaurant offer, but it’s more than enough. I rarely sit around thinking about food (just one of my little quirks), but lately I’ve been fantasising about their pizza. A lot.

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