Featured Image for B.O.B: the Cadillac of Strollers

B.O.B: the Cadillac of Strollers

Most people look at the life of a musician and think it’s not conducive to the family man. I have met many musicians in my native town, Seattle, and all across the US that would beg to differ. Many musicians are family-people and even bring their families with them, like I do. One great find for the traveling family is the B.O.B. Stroller.

We call our B.O.B. ‘the Cadillac of Strollers’. It’s the only way for a kid to get around these days and I’m sure our son, Henry, would agree. While it looks like a small car, dwarfing your child in it’s massiveness, it takes any rough terrain you can throw at it. Because, let’s be honest, in the midst of the car-invasion and our bad economy, the sidewalks across this country have, sadly, been forgotten.