A visual guide to new Papa Vs Pretty album

The thing I spent a lot of time on recently was the LP for our latest album. I figured it would be really cool to make an LP that was very different. So I was lucky enough to pair up with JP from a company called Vertpixles, who’ve done LPs for Joy Division, Gorrilaz’s Plastic Beach and Grinderman, too.

I made this massive 30,000 x 30,000 size (that’s in pixels) image from hand-drawn images I had done, then built these crazy characters from combining scans on A4 pieces of paper. JP and I then went about figuring out how the layout would work, then JP and Vertpixels did the programming and brought it to life.

I’m pretty excited about it because you browse this massive constellation of crazy drawings I’ve done, each little section representing a song, and when you find the songs, they have all these hidden bonuses like videos from in the studio, lyrics, photos, and all sorts of stuff.