Awesome brass band music by Simon Dobson

Brass Band has always held a stereotype of Northern village halls, red face Tubas, and cliché fanfares. I would like everyone to realize that this really is not the case. There are a few composers screwing up the system, and Simon Dobson is one of these vigilantes.

Graduating in composition from the Royal College of Music in London, Dobson has paved the way for modern composition in his childhood medium of Brass Band.

He has steadily built up his ammunition of work, writing for cut throat brass competitions. And his latest piece, A Symphony of Colours (the video being only the second half), propels discord and harmony into time signatures that would screw even Aphex Twin himself. This is warfare in its most musical form.

I hope people shun the mindset of Brass Bands and see deeper into the music. An old friend and mentor, Dobson is surely one of the greatest musicians I have had the pleasure of working with.