Sculpture: a band combining animation with live music

We have had the pleasure of sharing the bill with these guys a few times. Definitely one of our favourite acts around at the moment. A music and animation duo, Dan Hayhurst makes the sound using drum machine, dictaphone, samplers, fx and tape, loops of which are plucked from a mic stand and fed through what looks like an answering machine. Reuben Sutherland does the visuals, DJ-ing zoetropic vinyl picture discs printed with intricate concentric circles of illustrated frames which come to life when filmed with a camera.

The first gig of theirs I saw was at 93 Feet East. Sculpture, at that point, was just Dan and it was already mesmerizing (I remember being tickled when he stepped back from his ‘laboratory’ and enthusiastically pulled off an impressive Elvis move). Since then he has been joined by Reuben whose visuals are the perfect compliment to the music: wonky, vibrant, imaginative and joyous.

They have done a great remix for our track, Wet Tongue, which will be released as part of a series of remixes of our album around September.