Imperfect Cinema

Down in the depths of my hometown Plymouth there boasts a cultural tour de force that is Imperfect Cinema. Headed by ex-Raider Player, All Gall, and Media Head, Dan Flipside, they stand, flexing their voice in DIY punk cinema. Their manifesto is to bring cinema to the amateur, to allow the joys of small budget film-making and point-and-shoot tactics to be wrapped into a single worthy three minutes of material.

Being involved with Imperfect Cinema is like joining a family, or a band: everyone holds you up and celebrates who you are and what you’ve made. It’s a chance to revel in the warmth of community and non-corporate activities. From its birth, I have seen it grow into a monster that has already toured to the streets of New York and had guest speakers such as Nick Bullen of Napalm Death fame. Its monthly nights are always a highlight of the Plymouth beats, and celebrates the small things we have down here in the South West.

Imperfect Cinema hopes to have a retrospective night in October celebrating all the films that have been made so far, and bringing together local bands, poets, artists, and much more. Check it out.