The Killage: an independent Australian horror movie

Love horror films? Think you’ve seen them all? No, you haven’t! Keep your eyes peeled for the Australian film, The Killage, created by ArtSpear Entertainment. This low-budget independent horror film will have you in fits as it exposes every horror cliché’ ever made.

A group of easily categorised adolescents (including the jock, the bimbo, the yuppie, the hot-smart girl, the lesbian, and one guy that just seems to be naked for the entire film) head to an isolated location, with, surprise, surprise, no network coverage.

All seems fine until a lunatic, with a completely impractical costume and wielding sharp objects, starts killing each of them in grisly, yet inventive ways. There’s a blackout, someone gets naked, and someone gets lost in the woods. Gruesome, hilarious, and very clever. Watch The Killage and die of laughter.