Snowtown: an Aussie flick about a serial killer

Not an easy film to watch. At all. Often in serial killer movies it’s clear who the bad and good guys are. But this is a true story, and told with all the comprise and messiness of the truth. Based on the Snowtown murders in Adelaide from 1992 to 1999, the characterizations are honest and real, along with the violence. What’s not given is much explanation or justification. To be honest, at the start I hated it. Then it got awesome.

It’s one portrait of what happened, and all the more forceful for the quiet moments where these downright depressing lives are wonderfully illustrated. These murders also inhabit a hazy area, where viewers of shows like Dexter will feel uncomfortable for the justifications given. What’s also astounding is the amount of people who must’ve had an idea what was happening, however did nothing. Want to see a real psychopath? Watch this.