Pixelschatten: a John Hughes-esque film for a new generation

Pixel is a 22-year-old small-town blogger. Everyone can read about him and his friends online. His blog Pixelschatten used to be the hippest thing in town, but now the local fame has faded away. His friends go to college, have new friends and interests, and his girlfriend Suse is irritated by the private issues revealed on the blog. When Pixel realizes that everyone but him is moving on, he changes all their lives with just one post.

Pixelschatten is a unique cinematic experience, a quirky, melancholic, yet warm and funny portrait of the ‘generation Internet’, mixing the first-person point of you aesthetics of Enter The Void with the zeitgeist of The Social Network. But this time it’s not about the greedy entrepreneurs behind a moneymaking machine, it’s about the people that spend their everyday life online. It’s about you. And the spoilers for your life.