Featured Image for Australian label Sass and Bide

Australian label Sass and Bide

If I had to choose one label to wear for the rest of my life, it would be Sass & Bide. Take at look at their latest collection, Boogie and the History Maker, on the runway at London Fashion Week and you’ll see what I mean.

Pink and orange silks, tribal references, luxe leather and metal belts, draped scarfing, and a to-die-for canary yellow and white necklace made up some of the most beautiful looks on display that week.

What I love best about Sarah-Jane Clark and Heidi Middleton is that no matter how amazing their styling, is or how beautiful their models are, they always manage to upstage everyone when they appear on the runway to close their show. I remember being at one of their sample sales back in the day in a grungy airplane-hanger style warehouse when they pulled up in a car out front. It was like Madonna had arrived.

There were bargains to be snatched up left, right and center, yet dozens of girls were running out onto the street, mobbing Sarah and Heidi for their autographs. While I took the suddenly sparse sale as an opportunity to get closer to the exclusive stock, I was amazed at how in just a few years the designers had gravitated to fashion-god like status. But after seeing these latest shots of the girls in London, it’s not hard to see why. They are, and always will be, the ultimate poster girls for Sass & Bide.