Featured Image for Christchurch still the gateway of NZ’s South Island

Christchurch still the gateway of NZ’s South Island

Christchurch was ravaged by the 6.3 magnitude earthquake which struck on 22 February, with the city treated as somewhat of a salt shaker by the unique tectonic regime which is in place across New Zealand. However, the resilience of the people of ‘Chch’ has never been shaken.

The city continues to welcome visitors who now experience a changing city that serves as the heart of the greater Canterbury region and the gateway to the South Island. Christchurch asked for ideas from its citizens on how best to repair the damage from the quake and received more than 104,000 submissions broadly broken into: Sustainable, Green, Open, Engaging. In a taste of what might come, entrepreneurs have popped up instant art and small bars, shipping crates have been converted into make-shift shops, and the suburban regions have a renewed purpose. We’re impressed.
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