Featured Image for Casa Camper: stylish boutique hotel in Barcelona

Casa Camper: stylish boutique hotel in Barcelona

The team at Camper took the same flourish that they use to design simple and comfortable shoes and created a slick little space for weary heads to lay. Converting a typical 19th century building in the middle of Barcelona’s gritty El Raval area into a boutique hotel, Casa Camper is sparse in furnishings but heavy on stylish, fun and hip accents.

Within the hotel’s (very red) walls, fixed gear bikes hang from ceilings in the foyer, hammocks are strung up in every room’s living quarters, and an abundance of sleek, minimalistic furniture is omnipresent.

Like any bona fide Spaniard, the hotel takes food pretty seriously. Instead of mini bars in every room, the casa has a snack area downstairs where you can eat and drink around the clock for nix while the former chef de cuisine of ‘El Bulli’ (hailed the world’s second best restaurant according to the 2011 San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants List) is at the helm of the hotel’s restaurant, ‘Dos Palillos’.

Located in the thick of the city’s renown skate hood, Museu de Arte Contemporani de Barcelona (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art) is an ollie and kickflip away. Obviously inspired by cities that hold their own in the stakes of parties and ‘tude, there’s also a sister Camper hotel in Berlin.
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