Featured Image for Skylite Snowballs: exotically flavoured ice shavings

Skylite Snowballs: exotically flavoured ice shavings

Who could resist a snowball in the middle of summer? And no, we’re not talking about the kind you used to hurl at your little brother. These are snowballs of a very different, foodie-pleasing variety: naturally sweetened scoops of flavored ice that can cool you down on the stickiest summer day. These are Skylite Snowballs, and you’ll have to go to San Francisco to find them.

Skylite founder Katie Baum teamed up with Stacie Pierce, the pastry chef at the famed California eatery Chez Panisse, to develop a range of organic syrups to flavor her beloved orbs of ice shavings. Highlights of their creations include jasmine tea, four-barrel coffee, strawberry, and tongue-tingling lime.

To try a snowball of your own, you’ll have to track down Baum’s retro baby blue truck (thanks Twitter!) as it trolls the streets of the Bay Area. If you’re lucky enough to find her, then eat up and relish the chill.