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Upcycled fashion design by Christopher Raeburn

This rad British fashion designer, Christopher Raeburn, is making a name for himself upcycling military fabrics like wool blankets and parachutes. Not only do I love that he is keeping this crap from ending up in a landfill, or that he is saving the environs from the impact of new fabric manufacture, but locked within his work is the idea that these weavings were originally created for death and destruction and now they are redeemed unto the liberty of his imagination.

His work is killer and teaming up with outfits like Victorinox, the brand behind the Swiss Army Knife, pretty much makes him my fucking hero. Everything in his eight piece Fall/Winter 2011 collection, Remade in Switzerland, will find its way onto my back at some point this winter, even if I have to light a smoke bomb in the dressing room to get out of the store with my duffel.
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