Featured Image for X-treme Chinese Cuisine at Bo Innovation

X-treme Chinese Cuisine at Bo Innovation

X Factor, X-Box, the X Games … what’s next? How about some ‘X-treme’ Chinese cuisine. Intrigued? Then check out Bo Innovation, the Michelin-starred Hong Kong eatery that was founded by bad boy Alvin Leung (aka ‘the demon chef’).

Leung — a cigar-smoking, self-taught daredevil of a cook — fuses ‘centuries-old recipes with modern ingredients and cooking techniques’ to create his decadent morsels. Those modern techniques include the ultimate in foodie nerdiness — molecular gastronomy — and the results are deliciously bold and inventive. Try the rice-less cauliflower ‘risotto’ dressed up with black truffles, chives and duck jus, or the suckling pig with Sichuan apple and vanilla. Leung says he wants to be the ‘bad guy that everybody loves’. With Bo Innovation, he’s well on his way.