Featured Image for Interview with Elizabeth Harper from Class Actress

Interview with Elizabeth Harper from Class Actress

Yes, we’re digging the Class Actress Terrible Remix of Ghosts by CANT, Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor solo project. We caught up with Class Actress frontwomen, and occasional Lost At E Minor contributor, Elizabeth Harper, for a chat. [Photo by David Yellen for Feature Shoot]

What were some of the inspirations for Journal of Ardency? (watch the video at the bottom of this interview}
‘Shrapnel in the heart. Despair. Unrequited love’.

When do you get the best ideas for songs and lyrics?
‘Walking in cemeteries, writing to friends, staying up past dawn, falling in love, getting my heart ripped out. Being ever so Naive. They just pop into my head with a phrase and melody and I go from there. Songs are the angels saving me from a mental avalanche of questions that have no answers. It’s just about survival. Turning pain into pleasure. Like Woody Allen’s Hannah and her sisters, I just re write my own love life. Make the non-fiction fiction and fiction non.

How would you describe your style?
‘Style … hmm. Well, my under garments are usually more expensive than my jewelry. But that’s mostly because I tend to leave them on bedside tables. These days I am more concerned about what’s underneath, what’s closest to my body. The lace you wear under a ripped t-shirt can make you feel sexier than anything. Now that summer is upon us, I do struggle since I love layers. I love suit jackets and button down Dior Men’s shirt’s. Lace up anything, be it shoes, boots, corsets …’

What item of clothing would you never be caught dead wearing?
‘Blue sweat pants, dead giveaway of depression. If you see a friend in blue sweat pants, make them tea, give them a warm hug, a shoulder to cry on, a few shots of tequila, then a night on the town. Next day, repeat. Might not work indefinitely, but if they have bi-polar, then things will eventually work out’.

Who is the most fashionable woman that you know?
‘My Grandmother (of course) and then Caroline Polachek of Chairlift and Jill Martinelli, who designs Lady Grey jewelry. Both have superb style’.