The Hollies: Bus Stop

We went to see The Hollies Anniversary Show at the London Palladium because I had annoyed Mark pretty good the day before, and I wanted him to hear the song, He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother. We were mocked in studio for going, but they killed it. You need to check out King Midas in Reverse.

Mark’s favorite Hollies song is Bus Stop, and while we were walking to the show, we were talking about how badass it would be to just drive up to a bus stop where a beautiful lonely woman waits, and sweep her off her seat, like in An Education.

We had the worst seats in the place, but spotted a stunning girl in an opera box, with two empty seats — opportunity and loneliness. We swept in. Turns out she was a niece of the Hollies manager. We got kicked out, but then brought back, and ended up closing down every bar on Carnaby Street with her and her Aunt after the show. We then gave them piggy-back rides back to the Bus Stop.