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Reasons to Date Courtney Beck Tumblr

Having trouble finding what you’re after in the dating world? Brisbane girl Courtney Beck is, so she decided to harness the power of the web and social media to find herself a girl. And so the Tumblr Blog, Reasons to Date Courtney Beck, was born: ‘Lipsticks, femmes, straight girls, bi girls, I know what sort of women I like, but where are they in Brisbane? Reasons to Date Courtney Beck is my way of trying to find them, and date them. Who am I? I’m Courtney, 29, single for a year and a half, and my friends think it’s time i started bringing some girls to dinner’.

Courtney, one of our contributors, is documenting her journey on-line for all of us to experience, and all you’ve got to do to take part (other than being female) is submit a photo and why you think you and Courtney would hit it off on a date. Courtney is not limiting her search to her home town. With planes, buses and Skype, she believes that distance will not limit her search for the right girl.