Help fund a documentary about preserving free media

We live in a world where everything is online, where internet access is now a basic necessity, and where anyone and everyone’s voices can easily be heard. But what would happen if the democratic Internet, as we know it, was, instead, controlled by a handful of people? What if these same people had the power to shut the Internet down at their whim and discretion? That possibility is what the film #killswitch wants to discuss.

Through multiple interviews with bloggers, professors, and politicans from all over, #killswitch aims to start a dialogue about what would happen if our free open media became anything but free and open. Created by Akorn Entertainment, Ali Akbarzadeh, Jeffrey Horn, and Chris Dollar are doing everything they can to get this film and its message seen.

But unfortunately, they lack the funds to make their dream a reality. They have started a Kickstarter page asking people to donate, with donations starting as low as just $1. If you have the means please donate, it would be a shame if their message of preserving free open media for all was stopped because of insufficient funds.