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A coin-operated Wedding Machine

Weddings are an awfully expensive business these days. The creative team of Concept Shed have found a solution to the financial debacle many modern couples are faced with: the AutoWed Machine!

It’s a coin-operated device that looks very much like a chewing gum automat and offers everything the engaged heart desires. Press 1 for heterosexual, 2 for gay, and 3 for a lesbian marriage. And if you wish to seal the eternal deal with your BFF, simply press 4. The AutoWed will dispense a pair of plastic wedding rings with a personalised receipt. And since we’re in 2011, your receipt conveniently includes a discount voucher for an auto-divorce! Perfect.
The Wedding Machine (2)
The Wedding Machine (3)
The Wedding Machine (4)
The Wedding Machine (5)
The Wedding Machine (6)
The Wedding Machine (7)

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