Featured Image for SodaCraft: Handmade Draft Sodas

SodaCraft: Handmade Draft Sodas

In true San Francisco style, your typically banal soda has been transformed into a flavorful, handmade gem thanks to SodaCraft. Using local and sustainable produce, of course, this new boutique company brews inspired sodas, lightly sweetened with cane sugar and naturally carbonated by yeast. Each handmade batch of pop comes in wildly creative flavors like smoked strawberry vanilla, plum soda with a touch of star anise, or their take on classic ginger ale, made with a pound per gallon of fresh juiced ginger and eureka lemons. (This is San Francisco, after all)

If you’re looking to take it up another notch, check out SodaCraft’s equally imaginative ‘pairings’. This past April, for instance, they teamed up with Wise Sons Deli to create the perfect sodas to drink with classic Jewish deli favorites, like Toasted Celery Soda paired with house cured and smoked pastrami. But if you’re more of a sweet tooth, then you’ll love their dreamy Humphry Slocombe ice cream floats.

Though SodaCraft can be found roaming around the San Francisco area, the project’s founder, Jesse Friedman, frequently jerks soda (yup, that’s the technical term) from fresh kegs every Tuesday and Thursday at the Hapa Ramen stand in The San Francisco Ferry Building farmer’s market. Bottoms up! [Photo via EyesWideOpen on Flickr]