Howard Stern: the king of all (Satellite) media

I like a nice play of high and low in my life; whether it’s art, music, food, or in this case, talk. If you haven’t heard Howard Stern since his move to Sirius Satellite Radio, you’re missing out. It’s not free, but I sometimes like to think of money in terms of beers. To enjoy all of Team Howard’s insanity, it’s roughly the same monthly price as two pints out in a bar.

I know there are a lot of people out there that think it’s all crass fart jokes and misogyny, but times have changed. Howard Stern has always had a heart, but somehow his transition into the unadulterated waves of satellite radio has proven the perfect setting for letting his sensitive side hang out. Sure, they may still have a Sybian for special guests, but let’s not judge them on that. Instead, let’s focus on Howard’s uncanny knack for getting deep inside the minds and lives of whoever he is interviewing. Oh, and recently, one of his street reporters somehow convinced people on the streets of Manhattan that Al-Qaida had retrieved the body of bin Laden from the Arabian Sea and then resurrected him. Fun, right?